Today’s devious plan

Ok, it’s not very devious. But it got you interested, right?

I’m bringing my sketch book to work so during break I can scribble feverishly on the drawing I’m doing for two friends that has to be finished by Saturday morning (slightly more than 1/3 done; no pressure lol). I should have it done in time but I didn’t give myself a whole lot of leeway to begin with.

I may also bring my notebook, because I have a carpool commute this morning and I’m not the driver. The drawing is all in pen so no drawing in the car (can’t risk bumps or things like that) but I can still write and make progress there. Have to get those few chapters in to make my 2014 resolution!

How is everyone doing with their resolutions? Finished already, scrambling to get done before the ball drops in Times Square? Long since given up? Or no resolutions at all?


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