I resolve to resolve…

The new year isn’t too far away now! Last year I made over half a dozen resolutions, nearly all completed now (a few more chapters written and they will be all done); now I need to figure out what resolutions to make for next year.

I have found that one resolution is apparently not enough for me, because I don’t keep it. When I give myself a bunch of them, it’s like I’m challenging myself to see how many I can get done before the year’s out. Sort of contradictory, but I guess it works.

Not quite sure what all of my resolutions for next year will be, but I’m going to start one here:

– Finish my novel (the first draft, at least)

– Try to lose maybe 10-15 more pounds?

– Definitely try to exercise more so I have less muffin-toppyness

– Get the Gallifreyan tattoo that I designed

– Write and publish more short stories/poetry

– Continue to build my art and writing business/learn better marketing

– (Related to above) Make more paintings/drawings that aren’t commission and sell them

– More cosplay!

This may not be all, but it’s a start. I want to see how many of these I can get done before 2016 🙂


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